Day 1 – New Rules

Day 1 – New Rules
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Diets suck, we all hear what experts say: “diets don’t work” and it has to be a “lifestyle change”. If it were only as easy as that.

Ten years ago, at rock bottom, my weight was 225 pounds. On a 5’4″ inch frame it was devastating. At work, morale was low so a co worker was tasked with taking smiling photos of employees and posting them around the office. Mine appeared right above the company central photo copier. I wanted to vomit. How did I let myself get so heavy. Who is that girl? So began the years of yo-yo dieting. I’ve tried practically everything. More on that later. But now I start new. Before the 2017 New Year’s resolution craze hits.

New Rules

This new un-diet, diet, the eff all of diets, I want to eat. No starving, no costly monthly memberships that ship barely edible food.

Tools needed: Scale, Spreadsheet or Fitness Application and your Resting Metabolic Rate.

I’m trying MyFitnessPal to track and scan each food I eat, my water intake, and workouts. As you eat throughout the day you can scan packaged food through the app or manually search for the food and it subtracts from the recommended daily calorie intake goal. Enter a workout and it will offset the calories as well. It also records your steps. Its free and works with PC, iPhone and Android.

I recommend understanding your personal Resting Metabolic Rate, it will serve as a baseline of how many calories your body needs per day to function normally. Mine happens to be 1,483 at my current height, weight and activity level. My daily goal calories I’m using from MyFitnessPal is 1,200 however I’m aiming for 1,100 per day.

So the rule is, eat whatever but it must be tracked and once I’ve hit 1,100 no more eating. Eat sensible or have 10 shots of Fireball? That’s the plan along with moderate exercise and a cheat day or meal to be determined. I’m not a doctor so please consult yours for specific nutritional or medical conditions you may have.

I will post the foods I’m eating, weigh ins, workout details and more.